Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It's really 0213

Well people here I sit in my recliner typing a blog to y'all when I should really have my butt in bed, But here's the thing. I work nights, I hate working nights, I'm stuck working nights for the foreseeable future. So with that being said my wife only gets like 2 maybe 3 nights of sleeping next to me a week! She hates it I hate it, but hey what can you do? Tonight is different though I went to see my sleep apnea Dr. today, (Y'all would die he looks and sounds just like the older Indian man in the 40 year old virgin!). And please no hate mail because I used the word Indian, the guy is from India and will tell you himself he scratched his wife's dot off to see what he won. He is fricking hilarious, so again I say no hate mail please.
    So anyway now that we have that said and taken care of, I got a new CPAP today along with all the trimmings. New head gear, new mask, new hose, I mean everything and really want to try it out. Guess what? I AM WIDE AWAKE AND HAVE NO IDEA WHY OR WHAT TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I took some pain meds for my shoulder, took a hot shower, heck I even read AmboDrivers latest post, but nooooooo sleep eludes me! It's very frustrating. So I guess I'm gonna go lay down and just turn the thing on and see if it will blow my ears out. LOL see y'all later and remember surgery updates to come and maybe I can even get some cool pics to post from inside my shoulder. See y'all later and do me a favor, keep it between the ditches and spread the love around , Lord knows there ain't enough of it out there...
                                                                                                                   Until next time, HIL

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