Sunday, October 30, 2011

My how time has flown!!!

     I know ladies and germs, it has been awhile since HIL has been behind the keyboard. For that I apologize, to all 4 of my readers lol THANK Y'ALL!!! Just so y'all know it's not like I've just been lazy and said I'll do it later, because I haven't. I have had a few personal issues to work out in my life, and on 11-28-11 I'll be having my rotator cuff, labrum, and an instability issue fixed in my shoulder. I'll be completely down for about 2 weeks and in an immobilizing sling for another 4-6. So now all I have to do is keep up with current events. LOL Well everyone it was good talking to y'all again, but it is 0207 and church starts awful early in the morning. Until next time guys and gals, keep it between the ditches and spread that love around Lord knows there's not enough of it out there. Later HIL


  1. Here’s to a quick and relatively pain-free post-op and recovery.

    Looking forward to your return.

  2. Thank you Harriet and Lynda for the kind words. I will be letting everyone know how it goes , it maybe a little slowly( I can barely type with two hands let alone my left hand only) lol. Until next time, HIL