Thursday, September 8, 2011

Kilted @ TCS

And no that doesn't mean Texas Christian School! lol In the photo I am at The Corner Store one of 2 restaurant, hair care, grocery store, feed store, knife shop, used car, laundry mat, gas station, tire shops in my small home town. Now with that being said in my town there are exactly 6 places in town that you run the best chance of seeing everyone in town. 1 Church, I had just left there when this picture was taken, 2 The Post Office I plan on going there today when AD picks me up, 3 Elizabeth High School picking up the kids from school (which they have all begged me not to do), 4The Corner Store as seen above, 5 The Pit Stop don't get excited they don't serve Bar-b-Que, and 6 Elizabeth's version of Wal-mart The Dollars Store. So yes I'm behind one day on posting pics so today I'll be making 2 posts

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