Friday, September 9, 2011

The 2 1/2 Musketters

Ok I know I promised this post yesterday, I'm sorry got busy and forgot. So here ya go HIL, Half pint, and AD all standing together as a united front against male specific cancer!
 This pic was taken at T-shirts ECT. a shop in town my Wife's aunt owns. Had to go get the other children gym clothes and bags. Shortly after AD left the wife showed up and we paid for our items and left deciding we needed to go to Wal-Mart. We get there and everything is running pretty par for the course, the strange stares, the hushed whispers, and people really not knowing how to take me. So we walk all over the store and choose our items then make our way to the checkout line. As I'm standing in the checkout line who other than my brother-in-law happens to walk up on my blind side. Good looking out for your husband there Wifey.Well that encounter goes better than expected, shortly there after my Paw-in-law walks up that encounter goes about as expected (he tried to run away from me, but i wouldn't let him). Next thing you know and we are finally checking out (which brings me to a question: Why are there 25 check out lines in a Wal-Mart and only 3 open during your busiest time of day?) Anyway I was approached by an elderly woman and she asked me about the kilt, fore going the what are you wearing under there question, I explained what I am doing. She said she wished she had a camera because no one was gonna believe her, so I gave her all the information and she stuffed a few bucks in my hand followed by 3 other people giving me some money. All because of one little old lady I got to educate about 5 or 6 people, just think what would happen if everyone would be that curious?

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