Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I'm the guinea pig!

Well I'm finally awake(kinda) and sitting here with the feeling that I really need to make a post today. Especially since AD went through all the trouble of featuring my blog today, so I don't want to disappoint. The only problem I must be suffering from writer's block(I would guess since I don't really know what writer's block is like). So I am gonna do something I use to never do, talk about religion and politics. I was reading my facebook page today and came across a post I thought was more than just a little fitting. It read as follows "Pray for Obama-Psalms 109:8- Let his days be few and brief: and let others step forward to replace him." I'm sure I am going to upset a few people how many I'm not sure, because every time someone starts complaining about Obama I make the comment "Well that is your President" and I always get just about the same response "I didn't vote for him". So I have a question for the people that read this blog If no one  voted for him, how did he get elected? Which leads me to the religious part of the post, I haven't always been a God fearing man. In the last year I have come to find the Lord and try to live my life to please Him. Now with that being said, the church always says to pray for our country and it's leaders.
   Let me clarify this so the masses don't come hunting me down for President bashing. It's not that I dislike the President as a person I'm sure he is an ok guy. I don't like the way he and others like minded to his way of thinking are running this country. I was raised to believe America is, was, and always will be the worlds greatest super power. With the decline of our dollar and the tailspin our country is in, maybe it's time to tell him that he can keep his change because it doesn't work for us. At the risk of sounding like a religious freak the Lord did say that anyone against his country(being Israel) would fall. We have turned our backs on the fundamentals this country was founded on. When our leaders were backing Israel this country was in the favor of the Lord. Maybe it's time to get some good ol'God fearing people back in office to get this country back on track. I know that any red blooded American patriot would agree, so maybe it's time to stop buying in to whoevers  lie is the most believable and really look more closely at our candidates and their beliefs. I know this is going to raise debate and I'm sure get a lot of nasty comments, but it's just my opinion as the title of my blog says. So thank you for reading and hopefully understanding my little rants, until next time HIL

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