Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Southern Family Ethics

Well here it is almost 2300 and I'm sitting here at work. I just got off the phone with my brother who is stationed at Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland. It was a strange conversation to say the least, he asked me a bunch of questions I had already answered about his new girlfriend (whom I have yet to meet mind you). What it basically boiled down to was he will be moving into my home shortly and if they (my brother and his girl) decided to make it more long term and possibly permanent she will be coming shortly after him. She being a resident of Maryland for the majority of her life can't wrap her brain around the concept that me and my wife would be willing to move her in our home also.
My brother has tried to explain it and even had her on the phone(unknown to me at the time) and asked me all these questions so she could hear my answers for herself. That is what prompted this entry. Now I can only speak from the experience I have known personally. When a family member of a southern family decides that he or she loves a person then that person is as much family as the person they're with are. It's just like in small towns all across the southern half of this great nation you never meet a stranger. It's a way of life and way we were raised and how we raise our children so the tradition continues. It is a vital part of our existence and would be a tragedy to be lost.
Why hasn't it caught on yet in the north I'll never know. I have always been raised to believe that family is most important and the good Lord willing in my family it will always be that way. So please anyone who reads this if there is someone in your family that you haven't spoken to in a while or one you just don't see eye to eye with, call them up invite them to supper and catch up. Itlll do you more good than you know. Until next time HIL


  1. As a lifetime Marylander, yeah, someone opening their home to a total stranger is a bit...odd, to say the least.

    Maryland might technically be in the South, but we sure as hell don't act like it.

  2. The South has nothing to do with the Mason-Dixon Line. The South starts at the Sweet Tea Line. When you can go into a non-chain restaurant and order "sweetea" (all one word), you are officially in the South. I was in Annapolis and asked for sweet tea and was told they didn't have any - I could just put sugar in unsweet tea. Philistines.