Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I'm really not a complainer!!!

 Ya know anyone who actually reads this blog of mine can tell ya I'm not a complainer. All 5 or so people who have kept up with me knows I have to have my shoulder rebuilt, and they also know I lost my job. They also know that if it wasn't for my beautiful wife, her job, and insurance along with my friends and good Ol' AD coupled with my faith I'd be in real trouble. Here's the thing I don't understand, why does a person pay insurance premiums if before he even has the surgery that he needs(so he can go back to work) he has to pay the doctor in full and no work has been done yet?

 For 2 days now I have been on the phone trying to work out the details of the upcoming surgery on the 28th and not once did anyone mention this to me. Then today my wife gets a phone call saying that we need to pay our part of the surgeons fee in full before the surgery can take place! So after my wife calling the Dr.s office back they have graciously decided that if we give them half the doctor has agreed to perform the surgery. It took her telling these people that I had just lost my job and bringing up the fact that Christmas is just around the corner. While all this was going on I took my wife's advice and prayed fro guidance, about 5 minutes later my brother called ma and asked what was wrong, so I told him and like so many times before he was the voice of reason that I prayed for. Then to top everything off and lady that goes to our church stopped by and dropped off a complete Thanksgiving meal. Now don't get me wrong, I am not going to shove my religion down your throats but I am here to tell you that my God answers prayers.

  So this being the season, I would ask my readers that if you have any instances where your prayers have been answered I would love to hear about them, PLEASE! I am a God fearing man and know if we ask He will provide, so please let's have them!!! Until next time spread the love because we know theres not enough of it out there and keep it between the ditches!!! HIL

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