Saturday, August 27, 2011

The similarities are frightening

Well, no matter how hard I fight it or how much myself or my wife (AD's EX-Wife) disagree with it once AD gets his hooks into you he just won't let go. I'll explain (I can already see the looks of confusion on your poor faces), AD talked me into participating in Kilted to Kick Cancer with him, he talked me into starting this blog for the sake of being a legitimate contestant for the prizes, and more often than not he steels me away to go to the range and turn lots of money into smoke and hot lead (even though most days I don't want to to go, but I just can't stand to see a grown man throw a snot slinging fit like a 2 year old). So I guess what I'm trying to say is once he gets his hooks in you, you are doomed because he does grow on you like a fungus. Even though it could be compared the itching and burning of a severe case of athletes foot.  All joking aside AD hasn't looked at my head through a high powered scope in a long time, and I haven't had to stand firm in my resolve for human life and not attach an incendiary device to his truck or jet-ski. Contrary to popular belief  we do actually look at each other as family and would be there for the other at the drop of a hat.  Even though most "normal" people find our (Mine and my Wife's) relationship with AD some what disturbing! In the words of Dennis Quaid in Wyatt Earp if anyone has a problem with that "You all can Kiss my Rebel dick".....LOL

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